7 Tips for maintaining healthy eyes in front of the computer

The difference between using the computer day and night

Because of the large number of jobs, sometimes we have to work on at home. Now we simply use the computer effects for in two categories, day and night. Use the computer during the day not much effect on the health of our eyes, due to the lighting of the room.

The difference between using the computer day and night

That is potentially damaging to the eyes is when we use the computer at night in a dark room, so as much as possible turn on the lights. The less light can make our eyes tired quickly, which could result in a bad quality of sleep. So make sure turn on light Yes, don’t be darkgelapan.

Adjust the brightness of the Monitor

The screen is the actual offender, special for the evening you should do is to reduce the brightness of the monitor, a bright light coming from the computer screen could potentially threaten the health of the eyes and hard to sleep. Arrange suitable light conditions and according to you the most convenient, not necessarily the most low kok.

The correct sitting position in front of the computer

Importantly, even sit for hours a day can cause back pain if you are not in the correct sitting position. In addition to pain, long-duration can also make the backbone being bent. Duh! Baseball cool dong if to slouch. The following is the correct sitting position in front of the computer.

Sitting right

Always sit upright position with your back straight and shoulders back, thigh holder attached to the Chair and the ass must be touching the back of the Chair.

  • Concentrated body burden at one point in order to get the balance, try not to bend.
  • The position of the knee should also note, bend your knees until you align with your hips, and try not to cross your legs aka straight course down.
  • Position the hand you as comfortable as possible on the keyboard.
  • Use a Chair that has the armrest so that the load on the shoulders and neck.
  • Don’t twist your back, the body as a whole cycle as a whole. Rotate the part sometimes can make the injury or sprain.

Break at regular intervals

Constantly staring at a computer screen, can result in Computer Vision Syndrome i.e. a bunch of symptoms health disorders in vision caused by computer use (including tablets and Smartphones) with relatively long over two hours and on an ongoing basis.


To avoid this, you should take a break on a regular basis with the 20-20-20. Every 20 minutes, palingkan eyes ye from your computer, locate the objects around you that away about 20 feet (6 meters) and stare at for 20 seconds. Don’t forget, too, break every 30-45 minutes in a manner stand up and stretch for a moment so that the body back fresh.

Drink water White

Too long sits is one factor causes the formation of kidney stones. So, don’t forget to always consume sufficient drinking water in order for the health you awake. 2 liters a day or about 8 cups.

Install additional Software


Well return if you are using a computer in the evening. In addition to reducing the screen brightness, you can install software to adjust the temperature of the screen so that the eyes are not quickly tired. For example URF.lux, which makes color computer screens adapt with time, warm at night and like the rays of the Sun during the day.

Use Special Computer Glasses

Tips for working in front of the next computer purchase special goggles to reduce the evil effects of blue light on the screen. The price is not too expensive too and you can book at the store closest to you or buy glasses online.

That’s some tips on maintaining healthy eyes in front of a computer, working in front of computer tips, and a correct sitting position in front of the computer. May 7 brief Jaka tips provide, can maintain eye health you let baseball minus, sleeping slumbering, and still plays the strapping. There are extra? Let’s share our experiences with you in the comments.