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5 diseases that lurk your body’s health if you are lazy to brush your teeth

Although it is bitter to hear, there are still many people who rarely brush their teeth; I don’t know the reason because I was lazy, forgot, didn’t have time, didn’t have enough free time, and so on. In fact, the problem of dirty teeth is not just cavities. In fact, there are many other diseases that can arise due to lazy brushing your teeth so that dental hygiene is bad.

Various health problems due to lazy brushing your teeth

Healthy and clean teeth are an investment in maintaining a healthy body as a whole. Here are various problems that are ready to lurk if you are lazy to maintain dental hygiene:

1. Bad breath

┬áTeeth that are kept dirty and untreated can cause bad breath. This condition is caused because bacteria in the mouth produce sulfur gas (sulfur). As a result, when you open or exhale through your mouth, you …