Development of Chat bot-Based Services in The World As “The Next Big Thing”

Taking the definition of Octane AI CEO Matt Schlicht, Chat bot is a service supported by a rule (program mechanism) or artificial intelligence that interacts with users through the chat interface. Chat bot staying madeĀ  will be one of the most technological trends in 2017 this year. Some of our sources even say that bots are the next level of technology-based channel transfer transitions. Can be said the distribution channel has grown rapidly in the Internet era. Starting from the popularity of web-based applications for various services, continued conversion to the mobile app, and now leads to chat bot.

Many factors cause this service to grow. In terms of technology, messaging app became one of the best-selling smartphone in this century. Its presence is able to contain an integrated system for various needs. No wonder Messaging Apps is starting to lead from Communication Apps to Messaging as the Services. Examples include the presence of a marketplace within the messaging app and the ability to connect with third-party services, such as ticket reservations, to embedded digital games native from chat app. Read Also : software development portfolio

The results of the study of intelligent systems have also reached the real implementation stage, namely Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). The presented algorithm is designed to be able to understand the needs derived from the user’s habits, which are done continuously. As if human beings think, computer machines are designed to learn from the activities of the users. The language commonly used by humans is now embedded in machines to be accustomed.

Facilitate more than just the convenience of communicating

At the end of the spearhead there are services that accommodate the popular communication system. When the user’s convenience to communicate the chat has been merged in the culture of society in general, some services try to present more. Some popular messaging apps have evolved in such a way, in conjunction with the multi bot API-based support (Application Program Interface) started to appear to the app development services.

Support in the current Messaging Apps / Oratio service

Discussing the opening of bot support from messaging services, we discussed with LINE in the world Global Engineer Matthew Tanudjaja. He started the conversation by uncovering the readiness of local developers to create complex applications. Chat bot based innovation itself is considered not a new thing.