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Finding the Best Country Club for Your Golf Game At least one point in every person’s life, he or she has thought about being part of the local golf country club. Opposingly, those you are still learning golf at public courses do not consider golf clubs in the meantime. When you are already a golf aficionado, joining a famous golf club is a good move. Before you head to the local golf country club there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of being a member that you need to be aware of. What you want to get from golf or your personal expectations should perhaps be a big consideration. Joining a golf country club comes with a huge price tag so you must be sure about it to make it worthwhile. That is why when looking for a Scottsdale golf club you should exercise caution. While doing so, read an many golf course reviews as you can. It should also be noted that exclusive golf clubs have higher fees. In generally, there are two main fees that you need to pay. The first is your entrance or membership fee which people know as an initiation fee and the other fees are your dues that you pay either monthly or yearly. In some cases, clubs do not charge initiation fees. Instead, they require a club member to sponsor you. Also, in these clubs, expect your other fees to be higher. So, before getting into any club, it is good to compare other services, amenities and perks and not just the fees. For instance, besides their golf courses some clubs offer other facilities for other types of sports. Nevertheless, getting a club membership best suits those who truly enjoy playing golf regularly.
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One of the biggest advantages of becoming a member is that the golf courses are not as crowded as those accessible to the public. You can enjoy golf better because there are less people crowding over on course. Furthermore, the grounds of a country club are likely to be better maintained than the other.
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On the other hand the downside of course is the hefty price that you have to pay to become a member. And do not forget that there are fees to using their carts and other amenities. This is why you need to carefully consider the advantages you will get if you sign up to become a member and if it is really worth it. In short you have to be an avid golfer who is determined to play golf for a long period of time to get a membership. Simply put, whether you have the money for it or not, he country club experience does not suit everybody. For more info on this Scottsdale golf club, go here.