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Server Lifts for Data Center Deployment Operations A data center’s optimal success often involves careful thought on some of the aspects of its operation. There are a lot of expensive electrical devices, software, and application that must be upgraded from time to time. But there are risks involved in server deployment because the people lifting heavy servers can suffer injury and as a result damage equipment. To do the lifting manually is clearly dangerous because the people doing the manual lifting can suffer from over exertion. The need for a more efficient method of server lifting has been answered. Inefficiency is the major setback in lifting servers manually. It not only takes a lot more time to lift servers manually from one point to another, but the risk of an accident is higher than with a mechanized lift. Modern technology has come up with a server lift, a more efficient way to lift servers and other rack mountable equipment. A server lift is a device that is built for data center operations. Unlike a conventional warehouse lift, a server lift is customized for the specific purpose of lifting servers and other rack mountable equipment in data centers. These are much smaller than conventional lifts in order to be easy to maneuver in tight office or data center spaces.
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A server lift device must have two important features to be most beneficial.
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1) A server lift must have a smaller footprint. It is an advantage for deployment operation to move quickly and carefully, which a server lift does. This is because data centers often have narrow corridors and aisles to maneuver well. Moving around without much trouble requires a server lift to have a very narrow width. It needs to be able to maneuver between server racks. It is also easier to store because of its smaller footprint. You don’t need a lot of room in your storage to keep a small server lift. Data centers are often too cramped with equipment and racks, they don’t have storage space. 2) A server lift must be able to lift heavy loads of up to 500 lbs., to a height of about eight feet. Some servers are big and heavy, and therefore this feature of the server lift is crucial. It isn’t only people that a server lift helps from over exertion, it also ensures the safety of equipment by preventing unnecessary accidents that can damage them. This is why its body (often a cage or a tower) is made of iron angle bars that form a tough frame. Transport and deployment of heavy servers and other sensitive equipment is safe and secure inside the cage or tower of server lifts. Because of the efficiency of the server lift’s small size and huge lifting capacity, it is the most important device in data center deployment operations.