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Crowdfunding can be defined as a platform which people use to raise money in large numbers which help them finance their businesses. People are able to raise money with the help of the internet. There are so many other platforms that can be used in crowdfunding as long as people understand each other. In the recent years crowdfunding has become a trend in the business world. There is a research that has been conducted in the US and it shows that there are over 600 million dollars that have been conducted using crowdfunding different platforms all over the world. This just a simple indication that crowdfunding is here to stay because it is bound to help people start their businesses. This is also a non-profit funding to all those who are seeking contributions and to the artists who are seeking recognition for the creative effects they have.

There are crowdfunding platforms that are used some of them being Kickstart, Indiegogo, and lendingClub. It is on these platforms that donations are sought in return you get a special compensation. The sites have unique terms but the general concept in all the platforms is the same. Crowdfunding is also used in correcting loans and royalty financing. Taking an example of a platform like Lending clubs where the members are given a chance to invest directly and borrow money from each other. These platforms are able to benefit because they have been able to eliminate businessmen from their transactions. Businessmen and investors are given a chance of coming together through these platforms. Another aim of this platform is selling the company shares or the ownership stake in the company on the crowdfunding websites.

The main role of crowdfunding is assisting in startup or early-stage companies an opportunity to launch their products and services without exposing the entrepreneur loan officers who are offering them with the loan. Once a crowdfunding campaign is successful, it offers businesses with the financial support they need and it also creates a base for customers who feel it is their duty to patronize the business for they have a steak to be successful. Some of the advantages of crowdfunding is helping others start up their own businesses. On the other hand it is a waste of time and resources if the crowdfunding process is not arranged well. The platform has so many advantages and on the other hand it has disadvantages as well. For you to be successful in the crowdfunding campaign you can involve family members, friends, and well wishers who will be willing to share your business passion with you. They will also help you continue the campaign as they encourage others to join the platform.

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