Attic home interior design is an effective solution for urban communities. Scandinavian home interior design allows you to maximize the narrow space in the building. That way, you don’t need to remodel or add space to get additional rooms.

Attic house is a type of room design that utilizes the area under the roof. You can also take advantage of additional space. The attic of this design has various functions, including the library, bedroom, or family room.

How to design an attic house? consider these factors:

Choose specific floor types for attic rooms

The last factor to consider in Attic home interior design is the type of floor used. You can use a strong type of concrete floor. If you are looking for a floor that has the best quality  Amber Tiles is the answer.

For another option, you can use wood blocks which coated with a thick multiplex. Do not forget, you also need to cover the multiplex surface with carpet, vinyl, or parquet.

Also, you need to place a ladder that connects the attic room with the space below it. Try to use the type of stairs that do not use a large space.

That’s the tips that you can use in applying attic home interior design. You can also arrange this room with classic concepts, industrial, or other themes as you wish.

High ceilings

Attic home interior design has a characteristic that is high ceilings. At the very least, you need a building with a height of 2 meters to apply the design of this room. The height factor of the building is very important because it affects the comfort of the floor under the attic room.

Slope of the roof

After ensuring that the building has high ceilings, the next step is to pay attention to the slope of the roof. The slope of the roof should allow you to stand up straight while in the attic room. Therefore, the determination of the roof slope of at least 50 degrees becomes an important factor.

Use of insulators to avoid heat

Attic home interior design has the potential to create a hot room. This is quite normal, considering the room located at the highest point of the house and directly meet the roof.

However, you do not need to worry about overcoming this problem. There is a simple method that is quite effective to be able to obtain an attic home interior design. The trick is to install an insulator.

There are various types of insulator materials that can be used to absorb heat. The types of insulators include glass wool, aluminum foil, and polyurethane. Next, you just need to place the insulator material under the roof layer of the building.

Pay attention to lighting

Another important thing when applying attic home interior design is lighting. Being at the highest point of the house, you can use natural light. Therefore, consider provides the right window is a must.

You can choose to use various types of windows in the Attic Room. Glass windows or glass block can be a choice. Also, you also need to add the presence of an exhaust fan that is useful for air circulation in the room.

By Annie