5 Important Tips for Choosing Children’s School

Nowadays, there are more and more school choices and almost all of them have their own advantages and achievements. Therefore, take the time to find the best school for children. One of the best elementary schools that parents can consider is the International School Bangkok Thailand.

Here are some tips for children to get the best school:

Determine the criteria

Each of you must have different criteria in determining the best school for children. Some argue that the best schools provide ‘complete packages’. Not only giving knowledge to their students, but also instilling good character and character, as well as providing in-depth religious knowledge.

There are also those who are happy with the old school, the academic quality of which has been tested for years through the quality of its graduates. The important thing you remember, the determination of school criteria must be based on the needs and interests of children, not just your desires.


Only by typing the right keywords in the Google search engine, you can easily find information about the best schools, according to predetermined criteria.

Well, if you are observant and diligent browsing, you will actually find more useful information on social media, blogs, or forums.

There, usually, parents can share information about their child’s school, even very detailed information, starting from the school atmosphere, the attitude of the teachers, to the condition of the bathroom. Sharing is useful, right? This could be an addition to your consideration.

School shopping

Now, it’s time for school shopping or goes to the school one by one. If all this time you have information only based on brochures, experiences of other parents, and photographs, now is the time to see firsthand the physical form of your target school.

Many things must be observed during school shopping, ranging from the distance from home to school, road conditions in the morning, the location and environment around the school, the building and its facilities, and the school atmosphere. Besides observing, this is also the right time for you to ask more questions about the education system implemented in the school.

Dig deeper about the vision, mission, and values ​​adopted by the school is it the same as your vision, mission, and values ​​as a parent. You need to know whether the school is only aimed at treating children with good test scores or forming children into independent learners.


Every parent wants the best school for children. But, the best school for children is not necessarily an expensive school, right, Ma? So, count carefully. Not that you should not put your child into an expensive school. But you are advised to choose a school that suits your financial capabilities.

Your responsibility as a parent to children’s education is not just now when the child enters kindergarten or elementary school. There are still higher education levels, junior high, high school, and college. You must make sure your child gets the best education at all levels according to your ability.

It’s time to make a choice

All of the four stages above you’ve gone through. Now, it’s time to make a choice. Make sure you discuss all remaining school choices with dad and kids. Reconsider matters that you consider important, such as distance between the school and home, two-way learning systems, facilities, portions of religious studies, and costs, for each school.

Give scores for all these important points. Then, see which school gets the highest score. To be more convincing that the choice does not fall into the wrong school, you can also invite your child to take a trial class. From this experience, you can be absolutely sure whether the learning system at the school is really suitable for children.

And, children can be determined to decide whether they would like to go to school there. Happy hunting school!

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