How To Brand Your Side Hustle

Whether you are trying to keep busy and be more productive in your spare time, or are trying to start a new chapter in your career, starting a side hustle is a great option to build on yourself in both a professional and personal way. It will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and make a little bit of extra money, or if you work hard at it, make a lot of money. If you hope to be successful in your efforts, you shouldn’t regard this as a hobby, you should be treating it like a proper business. Just like any business, to disrupt the industry and differentiate from your competitors, you need to create a solid brand.

Branding your business is the key to success, but it can be more difficult than you first may think. If you can’t do this on your own, speaking to a branding agency Manchester based will certainly help. In this article, we will go through some key tips on how to brand your side hustle.

Choose a brand name

It’s pretty much impossible to promote your business if it doesn’t have a name. Having a solid identity makes the side hustle look professional to people who haven’t come across your business before. It also encourages you to treat it more like a business. It’s recommended to choose a business name at the start of your journey in order to be able to do business professionally straight away. This is especially the case if you are selling your product or service online as you will need it for your website.

Create a website

Whilst some will brag about starting off with selling their products door to door or something along those lines, it’s 2023, and if you hope to be successful, a website is essential. It attracts proper business and it better interactions as it ensures you look professional. People are much more likely to trust you if you have a website as well as more people will be able to find you. A website is used for many things including:

  • Outline services and value proposition
  • Differentiate against competitors
  • Shows proof of quality and testimonials from customers
  • Provides contact information

Creating a website also allows you to be found even if you are selling through third-party websites such as Amazon and Etsy. Creating a website can be time-consuming and technical if you are not tech-savvy. Speaking to a design agency Leeds based will be able to do this for you and make it more user-friendly and beautiful than your competitors.

Create a logo

A logo is an essential part of your business brand, so ensure that you have one at the start of your journey. It has numerous benefits, but for the most, it makes you much more noticeable and recognisable. If someone hears about your product or service from a friend, then they see the same brand logo on their social media or through a publication, they are much more inclined to want to learn more about your business.

By Annie