The Covid-19 crisis has forced many institutions to shut down and close up shop to contain the spread of the contagious virus.

Businesses have shut down or have had their employees working remotely from home and schools have been closed indefinitely and taken up online learning.

These social isolation techniques have resultantly curbed the spread of the virus and reduced the number of infections.

However, it has been stressful living through a pandemic with prolonged lockdowns and heavy restrictions. This has indeed taken a toll on a lot of people’s mental health and productivity.

Staying connected with other people has proved to be even more meaningful and helpful at this time, but this only means virtually.

What better way to get connected with your friends and family during the Covid-19 lockdown than playing online games together? 

Let’s take a look at some of the indulging, fun games you could play virtually with your friends and family.

Jackbox Games.

Jackbox games have to be the holy grail of social distancing games.

It is a collection of games that is available on different platforms such as Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The games are super interactive and fun. They are designed to indulge everyone and can allow a lot of participants with a variety of games.

Jackbox games do not require all participants to have the paid version, it only needs one person and has the rest of the participants join a room created using a code.

Some of the popular games available on Jackbox games are Quickplush; a funny game show that has the players answer some really funny questions and vote for the best answer and Drawful; an interactive game that makes a player draw prompts and have the rest of the players guess what picture is.

Fun right?

Among us.

Made popular by streamers, Among us has become an internet sensation only two years after its release date.

The game is easy to understand; players have to identify an ‘imposter’ in a spaceship before getting killed themselves.

The lobby can hold up to 10 people and 3 imposters. 

It is super accessible, the mobile version is free for both android and Apple, while the PC version available on Steam at a very low cost.

Make sure you have your deceiving skills to lie your way through the game.

Tabletop Simulator.

For those of you who miss Friday night board games with your friends and family, the tabletop simulator has got you covered.

This is a sandbox type of game where you can pretty much find any type of board game in the market.

Games like Chess, Poker, and Uno. You mention it!

These games are super fun, interactive, and indulge the players so well that it feels as if you are playing in real life.

You can even flip the board if you are angry… Crazy right?


Tired of setting up a different zoom or chat meeting while playing online games?

Then Backyard has come to your rescue. The backyard is a free platform that has been able to combine both games and video chat in one place.

You can easily sign in using your Google or Apple account and create a space where you can invite your friends using a code and join you in your private space.

You can then choose from several games and play along with your friends.

Backyard has tweaked some of the popular games into their versions such as The Word Tile instead of Scrabble and Cards Against Humans instead of Cards Against Humanity.


Interacting with your friends and family during the lockdown period will go a long way in nourishing your mental health.

The good thing is you can get on your computer or phone and check out some of these games online.

In case you’re looking to buy a game, then you should know the right stores. I for one, prefer to get my games from shops that are exclusively designated for games just because they have a variety rather than from a general shop.

One online store that you might consider looking at is ShopTo. However, it is always advisable to read reviews before deciding to shop from random stores. Therefore, I suggest you read reviews about ShopTo before deciding to shop from there.

The same applies to your devices and gadgets that run these games, if so you wish to upgrade then check outreviews about computers and devices, they will go a long way to give you a smooth gaming experience!

By Annie