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The Body Language You Should Pay Attention In an Interview

Job interviews are the stages eagerly awaited by job applicants. It is the step where you know you’re closer to your dream job. If you want to take part in a series of interviews, you need to prepare beforehand. Most people only focus on preparation for the substance of the interview and forgetting their body language. The following are tips on using proper body language in an interview.

Welcome the Interviewer with Polite Attitude

Show a polite attitude all the time during the interview. Once off the vehicle, start greeting people around you, like other interview participants, security guards, company receptionists, and anyone. Don’t forget to thank everyone who showed you the interview room. Next, sit indoors quietly in the room. When it’s time for the interviewer to enter the room, hurry up and greet them in a friendly manner. Do not rush to sit back. Wait for the interviewer to sit. The same thing applies if the interview requires you to see interviewers in their room. Knock the door slowly, enter politely, don’t forget to close the door behind you. Then shake their hands and sat down after they tell you to.

A firm handshake

Every company wants employees with the best character. Sometimes the interviewer sees your character from your hand gestures. Like a handshake. Keep your handshake firm, not too weak and not too strong. The interviewer will capture the impression of confidence and enthusiasm from the way you shake their hands. Remember, a too excessive handshake would make you seem aggressive.

Maintain Eye Contact

Many applicants are nervous to look at the interviewer and tend to bow their heads. You must avoid this. You need to maintain eye contact with interviewers no matter how scary they are. Show that you are calm and not easily intimidated.

Those are the body language tips in an interview. You can try to access information about job openings at This site is handled directly by a trusted Recruitment company Bangkok.