Using AI at airports to tackle drugs and terrorism

Due to the large number of people moving from one country to another every day, it is imperative to find more agile ways to screen each of them. While dogs are often used in this task, the use of AI for drugs and explosives detection allows faster checks with almost zero incidences of false positives. Although the dogs do their job well, they require a guide to tell them what to do. This method is not suitable for larger airports because it is impossible to screen everyone. With a drugs and explosives trace detector, airport security agents can scan people’s luggage and clothing in real time. As they pass through the detector, the AI analyzes the contents for drug fragments or explosive material. The security agent just has to be ready for any alert.

Human error is reduced

Using AI at airports to tackle drugs and terrorism

Although security officers are always focused on doing their job properly, the fact that they are human beings opens the door for mistakes. These errors are not intentional but are often caused by natural exhaustion or the urge to screen a larger number of passengers to get flights out on time. If a security agent delegates part of their work to AI, their physical and mental exhaustion is significantly reduced, resulting in a much better performance. The AI will issue alerts when it detects any item that could be a type of drug or explosive material, so the security agent can check it. The advantage of this type of technology is that the agent does not need to spend months in a crash course to learn how to use it. Because the machine is easy to use, the probability of errors due to mishandling is reduced.

AI adapts to any environment

Implementing new security equipment can be a challenge when an airport already has an established passenger screening dynamic. However, this represents a positive point in favor of AI. Equipment used for drugs and explosives detection can be configured to adapt quickly to the environment in which it will be used. In fact, because there is already a large record of the different drugs and explosives that exist, companies have implemented an auto-calibration function in the drugs and explosives trace detector that eliminates the need to constantly make adjustments. The security officer simply turns on the detector, uses it to scan passengers’ luggage or clothing, and waits for an alert. It is an optimal process that speeds up passenger transit and reduces the physical and mental exhaustion of passengers and security agents.

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