You love music, but what ‘streaming’ service do you choose?

The market is chock full of music services (Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Mog, iTunes Match, Amazon, to name just a few) but which ones are really good? Which ones have a good selection of music in your language and offer a friendly interface and in Spanish?

Would you pay a monthly amount for listening to music on demand? Do you prefer to arm yourself with patience and upload all your music to Google Music? Do you check what your friends are listening on Spotify? In Rdio, Mog or Pandora? Which ones are free, and which ones are not?

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In this article we are going to focus on other application’s services to the letter, those in which you choose what you are going to listen and not in services like Pandora,, TuneIn Radio or Shoutcast. The latter are also very good, but they deserve a separate article.

Before starting to introduce some of our favorites, we will advise you to: Make sure the service of your choice is available on your device (s): Want to listen to music on your Android, smartphone, iPhone, Apple TV, Roku , Sonos or Mac? Many of these services work on these devices, but before choosing one, make sure it works well on the device of your choice.

Also make sure your favorite artists are available in the service of your choice. For example, some notable bands – The Beatles, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay – are difficult, if not impossible to find in some of these services. Search the files well and make sure those artists or bands you love are available. (Or be prepared to copy your CDs to your hard drive). If you love rock in Spanish, or you are a fan of rancheras, it may not all these services have the best offer of that genre.

Dare to try! Many of these services have free trial versions, or free versions to use on your PC. Take a look at them without much risk. Even paid services do not come with contracts or extra payments for early cancellation as with mobile phones.

Subscription music services work like this: you pay a monthly fee and you get unlimited access to listen to music from a huge database. Some of these services have free offers, some do not, but currently all charge for being used on a mobile platform.


Spotify was released in the United States in July 2011 and allows free streaming of all available music (with ads). Also, integrate your own digital collection, the one you have stored in the computer. Spotify is something like the baby that had iTunes and Napster, with the exception that you cannot save the songs you listen to (unless you buy them).

The service is supported with advertising, unless you pay $ 4.99 each month and if you want to listen on your mobile phone (check first if your mobile phone supports the service) it will cost you US $ 9.99 per month. Spotify has indicated that it plans to launch a family price plan (as do Rdio and Rhapsody) but has not yet confirmed it.

Spotify offers an integration with Facebook; That is, the songs you listen to in Spotify appear in real time on your Facebook profile (which can be good or bad, depending on what song or songs you are listening to and whether or not your friends know it).

Music in Spanish

Spotify offers a wide selection of music in Spanish; And not only relatively recent Latin American pop and rock songs (Maná, Nacha Pop, Miguel Ríos, etc.), but a simple search of “Pedro Infante” returned hundreds of songs from the old idol of Mexican music. Spotify also recently announced a “Pandora-type” radio app with the difference that you can skip songs unlimited.

Navigation in Spotify is currently only available in English, but a Spotify spokesperson told us that “very soon” they will add other languages to the platform.

Who should use Spotify:

Spotify is the best introduction to the world of subscription music. It feels a bit like iTunes, and the free offer level is surprisingly good; Most of your friends already use it and if you want to listen from another platform that is not your mobile or your computer, Squeezebox and Sonos allow you to do so. According to Spotify, there are more than 15 million songs in their database and add about 10,000 new ones every day). No matter how special your musical tastes are, you’ll almost certainly find what you’re looking for here.

Who should not use Spotify:

The ads – which are currently only in the free version for the computer – put a discordant note and seem to come from nowhere. For example, listening to Miguel Bosé, I skipped an advertisement to buy a CD from a country music group, which of course did not interest me in the least.

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